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What is this noise about Messenger Marketing?

Automated Conversations

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Automated Messenger Marketing Systems that increase leads, sales, and brand loyalty.
They also make your life easier.
if it’s your first time, don’t feel bad — we all start somewhere…

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Messenger is highly engaging because it’s a series of one-to-one conversations at scale with your visitors.

Conversations are the new marketing frontier.
The days of one-way communication are losing ground. Yes, we mean websites, email — these tools still have a valuable place in your marketing, but they are not the future.

And through these conversations we can segment your audience and deliver only the most relevant content to them, based on their wants, needs, and desires.

Messenger funnels — this is our way of saying that we guide people to trust you, want to engage with you, your content, and your brand, and become huge fans over time.

Messenger enjoys up to 80% open rates and up to 40% click-through rates. These are not vanity metrics. They are real numbers that produce real impacts on your bottom line.

Increasingly, users are on their phones, so we build conversations that are fun, entertaining, and keep attention, while moving traffic where you need it to go.

Messenger is the most effective way to deliver your content.

There are over 1.3 Billion (with a “b”) active monthly users on Messenger and that number is growing by over 600,000 a day.

Through segmentation, you deliver the right content to the right people, the right way.
And follow up is so much easier, providing more value to your subscribers and to you.

Why Messaging Matters

A Messenger Strategy Is Important Now, Not Later

20 years ago it was websites.
Now it’s Facebook Messenger.
Why, you ask?
Messenger meets customers where they are and takes advantage of automation in new ways.
It’s also a burgeoning platform
Now is the time to take advantage of it.

Less than 1% of businesses use a chatbot, but more than 60% plan to by the year 2020.
53% of people are more likely to buy from a business they can message
56% of people have indicated that they prefer to message instead of talking to a person

24/7 Automation

Marketing automations and integrations are the future of marketing.
Yes, that’s a bold statement.
And not automating your online engagements is basically the same thing … long, painful, repeated conversations.
Now imagine this:
You help your customers find what they want quicker, in a funner way, and let them control the experience. All while you do other very important things that will add value to their experience with you.
Yep, we knew you’d like that.
Messenger can be integrated virtually everywhere!
On your website, on your Facebook page, on QR codes, in your phone and it’s completely automated.
No longer do you need to respond to the same message over and over from different senders.
Messenger can handle those requests automatically.
Your Messenger “assistant” learns and responds the right way.
From sales to customer support, Messenger is a huge asset.

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